Medium: Textile (Repurposed and hand died bed linen, steal pins and wire mesh)

The sculptural installation of 13 wall mounted pieces makes references to my ancestors, the Samé people in the Northern hemisphere; their mental and physical strength and endurance; their knowledge of nature, which enables them to survive in an extreme climate as well as a difficult social and political environment. Their culture is rich in colour symbolism closely connected to nature. A lot of meaning is also tied up with the process and materials used in translating the concept. I am interested in is taking real life materials and turn them by some inspired, secret process, into something else; related to life in some way, conceptual or otherwise, but stronger and more intense. The familiar social, cultural and utilitarian value of bed linen has been changed and placed in this new context. The material elements have been pushed to their limits so that they do not look familiar. The process of ripping, stretching, rolling and pinning of the material requires manipulation, strength and endurance. The colours help to materialise cultural metaphors, memories as well as family history. The art work creates innovative compositions with elements of mystery, ambiguity and a sense of intrigue. The ambiguity allows the viewer to bring their own meaning to the art work.