Forces of Nature detailRecycled bed linnen, steel pins and wire mesh - 70x31x10cm

The annual Surveyor exhibition at Solstice Arts Centre in Navan Co. Meath runs until 8th July 2016.

My Research into the cultural traditions, beliefs and myths of the Samé People in the Northern hemisphere, my ancestors, has given direction to my art work in the last few years. The old Samé believed in Shamanism and Totemism; believing in the power of inanimate objects to hold “conscious” spirits that interact with society. These particular 3D art works , made from recycled cotton bed linen, explores the extreme seasons the Samé has to contend with - the fusion of land and water - the cold and warm – the balance of nature that sustains them. The art invites the viewer in through colour, form and texture and layers of history and meaning.