An exhibition by Meath Arts Group at Toradh gallery, Killegland Str., Ashbourne : 5th December 2017 - 16th January 2018.

In this show at the Toradh Gallery, the artists have made work over the course of 2017 in response to the theme Ebb and Flow. The varied subjects of the exhibits represent the distinctive characters of the members, expressed by using different materials and processes capturing the diversity of interpretation. Coastal spaces featured strongly in this body of work where artists were not only considering the rise and fall of the tide, but also the shoreline as a place of arrival and departure of people and objects. The mechanics of Ebb and Flow leaving used broken and abandoned objects along the shore reference cycles in family life and inspired the use of reclaimed materials. Seasonal changes and the expression of dreams and emotions through mood swings provided inspiration for others in their work. The work creates a rich tapestry of all the individual artists’ responses to the theme and blur the boundary between reality and art. 

At the Still PointAcrylic and Fiber- 40x40 box canvas